Notice: Proposed 2018/2019 Tuition for International Students

The University of Alberta is proposing an increase of 3.14% to international tuition for the 2018/2019 academic year. The increase will be applied to instructional fees only.

This rate increase is subject to approval by the University’s Board of Governors in March 2018.

Even with this moderate tuition increase, University of Alberta undergraduate and graduate education will remain competitive among the top five Canadian universities and other top 100 universities around the world.

Moderate tuition increase required

Moderate increases are required in order to maintain the delivery of high-quality, post-secondary programs each year.

The rate is calculated based on the University’s actual increase in costs tied to drivers such as: salaries, benefits, supplies and materials, and utilities. The increase in tuition and instructional fees must be aligned with increases in real costs. The costs of education for an international student are not subsidized by the Alberta Government to the same extent as for domestic students.

Domestic Tuition rates frozen by Government of Alberta

Tuition and fees for Canadian students have been frozen for the 2018/2019 academic year. International student tuition does not subsidize domestic students. Annual increases are required just to keep up with the actual cost of university education, and are not to replace other lost sources of revenue.

UAlberta is connected to the world and we greatly value our international student community. Internationalization brings diversity of thought, beliefs and cultural backgrounds to the University, which is a key element of a high-quality post-secondary education. Recruitment of international students, who comprise 14.9% of our full-time undergraduate student population, remains a strong area of focus for the University of Alberta as we build a global community both at home and abroad.

Undergraduate students tuition and fees 

Graduate students tuition and fees