International Student Services

International Student Support

The University of Alberta welcomes approximately 1,500 new international students each fall.

UAI's International Student Services division provides specialized support services for this important, growing population.

Our support team is located in the International Centre, an office and social space dedicated to international students.

Programming includes:

  • ongoing communication with admitted students preparing to come to Canada
  • airport welcome & three-day international student orientation (Transitions) 
  • one-on-one advising
  • peer support groups
  • more than 20 support workshops throughout the year, covering topics from academics to money matters

Training for faculty and staff advisors

The International Student Services division also provides expert advice to both faculty and staff involved in international student advising, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Our student specialists can provide best practices and tips on how to advise international students in a variety of issues, including:

  • immigration and cultural adjustment
  • concerns about academic performance
  • other personal issues
  • off-campus work rules and regulations
  • loans and bursaries for international students
  • UofA Health Insurance Plan (UAHIP)

Contact a student specialist for details.

Visit our International Student Services website for details.

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Staff may be particularly interested in:


Intercultural Communication Workshops
Free cultural competency training for staff, faculty or students.


International Student Work Study Program
Encourages campus employers to hire international undergraduate students during the summer, providing students with practical work experience in a Canadian context.